First things first…

I know, I know, I have the cheesiest post titles. Now let’s get started…

  • My goal is to go on a year-long worldwide trip starting in 2014.
  • I want to hit several countries in Eastern Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and Central America, not to mention Australia and New Zealand…so, basically everywhere haha. I don’t have a definite itinerary yet, but I have a few places I absolutely have to go….England, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand…and a few more countries I’d like to go to…Germany, France, Greece, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Cuba…and the list keeps growing. Hopefully this blog will be able to help me discover what is essential and what I can leave off for the next trip…because there will always be a next trip.
  • I’d like to spend $15,000 for everything or less. I know that seems low, but I have friends in Australia, New Zealand, England, Germany, and a few other countries from previous travels that have offered me a couch, as well as a travel rewards credit card that I’m currently using to pay basic monthly expenses such as rent, utilities, and groceries. I’m hoping that by the time I go on this trip, I’ll have enough points saved up to pay for at least $1000 worth of flights.  Depending on how things go, I also might work in a few odd jobs at hostels for free board or a bit of money while on the road.  When I was in Belize, I helped the owner of a hostel I stayed in repaint a wall. In return for a few hours of work, I got 3 free nights at the hostel, which saved me about 30 bucks.
  • In addition, I am planning on working some volunteering into my trip.  There are so many great projects worldwide who need volunteers for a variety of tasks and several offer free room and board for the length of your volunteering time.  What could be better? You get to extend your trip while giving back to the countries you visit in some small, positive way. You can find a program no matter what you are into. I’ve read about volunteer positions for everything from teaching music to disabled kids to tending an organic farm to helping locals develop business skills and everything in between.

    That’s probably enough to be getting on with for now. I know I have some ambitious goals, but I believe they are doable.  ‘Till next time!

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