5 Random Things I Take on a Trip

5. A good quality lock. You will definitely be using it countless times to lock your stuff up as many hostels provide the storage space, but not the lock.  

4. Toilet paper. I’m not suggesting you bring a whole roll, that would take up way too much room. REI has a partial roll especially for traveling that lacks the center cardboard cylinder that makes the roll so bulky.  Last time I went to Central America, I had to use it several times at bus stations with the bathrooms but without paper.  **Side Note: if you are traveling in a developing country, throw your toilet paper in the bin provided.  If you throw it in the toilet, chances are it will clog because most of those sewer systems can’t handle paper.

3. A few pictures of my family, friends, and cat. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met someone on the road, we start talking, and end up pulling out pics from home. Especially pets. For some reason, people with pets seem to really get excited if you also have a pet.

2. Earplugs. Staying in hostels is awesome!…except when it’s not.  It’s really great to have a built in set of people to explore each new place with, it’s not so great when 3 of your roommates come in at 3:30 am and won’t. shut. up. 

1. DUCKTAPE! I’ve used this to patch my backpack, fix a flip-flop, and bandage a wound that I probbbbably should have gotten stitches for. It does it all! You don’t want to take an entire roll of ducktape, you say?? No problem. Just take a pencil and wrap your desired length of ducktape around it. Voila!

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