Back again…

Sorry it’s been so long! I’ve been enjoying the calm before the storm that is about to break over me…the end of January is going to usher in a crazy time of (hopefully productive) work.  My research assistant position at a University is going to be pretty intense this semester. I’m also trying to get ready for the Durham Art Walk, which isn’t until April thank goodness, but I still have a lot to do to make sure I’m prepared for that (selling some photography and jewelry I’ve made/taken). Hopefully, I’ll be able to make a few hundred bucks through that…my goal is to be able to cover my flight from RDU to London.

Still dreaming about my RTW trip and starting to prepare somewhat…I borrowed a lonely planet book from the library (morocco on a shoestring) and am copiously taking notes as I read the thing cover to cover.  Also pre-ordered my copy of “How to travel the world on $50 a day” and got a $75 airtrek credit as part of a promotion. I know it’s not much but hey, $75 is $75.

Financially, still on track, trying to live as frugally as possible without going insane. Especially this month, since I don’t have much income coming in.  So far, I’ve spent about $80 on groceries and the occasional treat this month…I was hoping to making it until the 20th before I bought more groceries, but I think the 18th is more realistic. Also on the financial side of things, I realized that the urge to spend decreases dramatically when I can’t access the money easily…so I’ve decided to transfer money to my investment account every time my checking account exceeds a set amount.  It also helps that every time I look at something I want to buy I immediately calculate what that would get me on my trip…whether it’s a bus fare, a meal, a night’s accommodation, I find that I’d rather go without in the now than cut my trip short in the future.

I’m gonna leave it there for now, but I promise I will make an effort to write more frequently.

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One thought on “Back again…

  1. It’s a great way of motivating yourself to save and not spend – asking yourself how much would [insert cost of purchase here] buy in [insert dream destination here]? Good luck with the RTW planning and the saving!

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