“How to travel the world on $50 a day”

My roommate probably thinks I’m a nut. Ok, she knows I’m a nut for other reasons, but today just confirmed it. I got a book that I had pre-ordered online through Barnes and Noble today that won’t be sold in stores until February 5th.  I ordered it under the assumption that I’d be receiving it on or around that date as well, which happens to be the day before my birthday. Imagine my surprise when I checked my mailbox today! The coveted and much anticipated “How to travel the world on $50 day” by one of my favorite travel gurus, nomadic matt! I’m already 20 pages in and completely obsessed so far. I’m hoping I can bring some thoughts this book inspires in me to this blog to share with you. Ok, that’s it! I just wanted to share my excitement!!

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3 thoughts on ““How to travel the world on $50 a day”

  1. I traveled the entire west coast for two months on $10 a day. I should try traveling the world on that or less.

  2. Awesome, there’s nothing better than planning a trip, how exciting! I did 9 months in South East Asia for less than 400 euros a month (which is what my parents wired me each month at the time…), so it can be done for much less – but that depends of course on which part of the world you’re planning to go to.

    • Nice! 400 euros…that’s about $550 US, I think? Need to brush up on my conversion skills haha. I definitely want to go to SE Asia…especially Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, and Myanmar. Do you have any favorite places or activities from your trip that are must-do’s?

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