Day 6!

Day 6 of Bootsnall’s “Plan your RTW trip in 30 days” is about selling. your. stuff! It’s something I’ve already been thinking about and between my furniture, moped, laptop, and rent deposit, I’m thinking I can make a minimum of $2500 and possibly as much as $5000. Hopefully I will be closer to that upper range. Another subject this day broaches is the pet dilemma. “If you are both a travel lover and a pet lover, this provides a problem. Sometimes you simply have to choose one or the other, as long-term travel doesn’t mesh well with owning pets.”  I have a cat. The sweetest,  most affectionate, loving cat you have ever met.  This cat is basically my child. We have such a strong connection, that it’s hard to think of giving him up.  I look at him  and my heart hurts at the thought of losing him.  Despite this feeling, I know I have to follow my dream of traveling the world.  I have found my sweet, snuggable cat a very loving home, but it still hurts. Every time I look at him, my heart breaks a little, but I know that his adopted family will give him so much love and affection.  Given all of that, I still feel like traveling long term is something that I must do. 

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