You’ve been where??

So I randomly found a RTW veteran whom I can really relate to and has a blog on here…and I’ve begun stalking her…lol, ok, not stalking, but devouring her blog? yes. It is Lucie on the Lam.  Anywho, I’m stealing her trick of having a map with the places I’ve been highlighted and taking it one step further by also having a map that includes the places I will have (hopefully) been to after my RTW trip! Unfortunately, the first time I tried this, the maps didn’t work, so I included a link to the map instead. Here goes!

My current travel experiences.

Ok and now here is after my RTW


Big difference…and looking at the new map, I wonder if even that will be enough to stifle my wonderlust??

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6 thoughts on “You’ve been where??

  1. Oops, looks like the map didn’t turn out properly, you might want to check the code, but how exciting you’re doing a rtw trip. Good for you! xxx

    • Thanks for the heads-up! Mehhh I don’t know what I did wrong so I might just have to link the maps instead of having them in my blog..

  2. Katafrass, feel free to stalk! Your trip will change your life; I love what you’re doing. Let me know if you have any questions along the way (or before you get on the way, hah).


    P.S. I also had hella trouble with getting that map to work. C’est la vie…

    • Oh, no worries, I’m definitely going to keep stalking your blog! I’ve had a little taste with long term travel…a 2 month and a 3 month stint in Central America, but both times I had a pretty clear schedule that I followed…this time, it’s not only going to be much longer, but I’m going to be able to be as spontaneous as I want. Super excited! When are you getting back on the road?? Cheers, Kat

      • Soon! My ankle should be back in fighting shape by the end of the month so putting together some plans right now, woohoo, I’ll see ya out there!

      • nice! lol that would be pretty crazy if we ended up meeting somewhere half way around the world! keep me updated!

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