Day 11

Day 11 of Bootsnall’s “Plan your RTW trip in 30 days” challenge is the fun part…solidifying your route.  I guess my situation is a little different from most RTW’ers in that I’m planning on working in Australia for a year in the middle of my trip to help pay for the rest of my trip. As a result, I’m really only forming a solid route for my trip prior to Australia and for the first couple weeks in Australia. It is important to figure out what is the best time of year to visit certain places.  Take into consideration holiday seasons, monsoon seasons, winter seasons, etc…it might be worth it to you to spend a little more by going in peak tourist season in thailand to enjoy the weather and the parties, while in germany, you’d rather deal with less than ideal weather if it means saving a bit of money and missing the crowds.  Like the rest of the trip, you just have to figure out what is right for you! Happy travels!

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