Day 13

Kick back with a cold one at this beach-side bar in Belize!

Kick back with a cold one at this beach-side bar in Belize!

Now is the time to start thinking about where you will stay on your trip! Will you go to hotels? b&bs? hostels? huts on the beach? some combination of these? My plan is to couchsurf as much as possible in expensive locales like Europe, ideally about 20% of the time, and stay in hostels the rest of the time.  In Southeast Asia, South America, and Central America, I’ll be staying in hostels most of the time (maybe a few huts :-D). Australia and anywhere I will be staying for at least a month, I will try to rent an apartment, as in many cases it can be as cheap or cheaper than staying in a hostel and certainly affords more luxuries…private bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, more security, etc.  I’m also looking into housesitting. MindMyHouse is a nifty site where, with a $20USD annual membership, you can potentially house-sit around the world, drastically cutting down your budget.  Another important thing to keep in mind is when are the high seasons and holidays of the places you’re visiting.  It might be prudent to book a hostel months in advance for Rio’s Carnival, while in Paris, it is easy to find a place in August, because that is when most Parisians travel (that last part was completely made up, just trying to give an example haha). Anyway, the point is, be cognizant of when people are traveling away from places as well as when they generally travel to places. Till tomorrow!

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