Day 14

Woot! Day 14 is about embracing overland travel, something I already have down pat.  When I was solo backpacking from Panama to Belize, one of my fav parts of traveling was riding the chicken buses with locals. Usually not a single traveler/tourist in sight!  I met so many interesting people taking the local transportation…an old man whom I shared a bus stop food cart special with offered to take me home to marry one of his 11 sons (all handsome of course, and a couple were even almost as tall as me!), a woman with 2 small children (the 3 of them sat in the school bus seat with me) bartered some sort of native fruit (which I ate, of course, even though I probably shouldn’t have) for my water bottle, the woman who spoke no english who called her daughter to explain to me which bus to get on when I accidently took the wrong one, even though her daughter spoke mayyyybe 5 words of english and none of them were directional words). 

Ok, usually I reread my posts before I edit them…but right now it’s 1:30 in the morning, I am battling a tonsil infection, have an ice pack laying across my throat, and I have an interview tomorrow for I’m not sure which of the dozen jobs I have applied for in the last two days…

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