Day 20

Day 20 — what to do with housing while you’re away. This is an easy one for me. I’m renting and when I leave I’ll just…stop renting lol. I have family only a couple miles away who have graciously offered me a bit of space in their basement for anything I want to keep (I’m limiting myself to the old fashioned trunk my dad found years ago and anything I can fit into it) and I’m selling everything else I own, so no need to rent a storage space.

For me, the situation of what to do with current housing is an easy one, but it might not be for you. And to be truthful, it almost wasn’t easy for me. I’d been thinking about buying a house in the area and for a while, I convinced myself that I should still buy a house, fix it up over the summer, and then find a company to manage renting it out while I was gone.  If I was only going to be gone for a year or if I’d found a house I loved, I probably would have gone through with it, but because I don’t actually know how long I’m going to be gone and none of the houses on the market in the area I want to buy in are what I’m looking for, I decided to scrap that idea.  If you do own a house though, look into renting it out while you’re gone.  Like I mentioned above, there are companies out there that will manage your property for you while you are gone.  They screen rent applicants, keep your house in good working order, etc, for usually 10% of the rent. Something to think about…

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