Day 23

Day 23 is titled “Automate the boring stuff”.  It basically talks about automating your finances before your trip so that while you’re out traveling the world, you don’t have to think of mundane things like hoping your payment to your credit card went through or wondering when you’ll be able to get to a computer or phone so you can make sure your monthly mortgage payment is on time.  My solution will be to get rid of all my monthly payments (though I will still have a credit card, so I’ll probably set up automatic monthly payments from my savings account to take care of that).  I’m timing it so my rent with be up when I leave which takes care of rent, water, electricity, and cable/internet.  I’m going to turn the gas off as soon as it gets warm enough (I have an electric heater for emergencies).  I have a month by month cell phone plan (yay virgin mobile!) so that’s easy enough to stop.  I’l have to write my health insurance about a month in advance to let them know I’m dropping them (that’s a first…I’m used to it being the other way around haha).  And that takes care of my monthly payments…My advice to you is get rid of as many of those pesky monthlys as possible and automate the rest. Happy Travels!

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