Andrew Evans on travel

Just saw a great youtube video of Andrew Evans speaking at a TED conference and had to share some of his brilliant words of wisdom. “Real travel is when you take to the open road and you accept everything that comes your way be it thrilling, joyful, difficult or depressing. This is what the original explorers did and this is what I want to do.” He took buses from Washington D.C. to the southern tip of South America in his attempt to get to Antartica.  He talks about the joy of traveling with uncertainty and how that is what makes travel a life-changer.    “Travel is one of the greatest human freedoms ever.” “We need to plan less, don’t be a tourist in your life taking pictures as it happens. Instead, we need to travel, don’t be tourists, travel more, plan less.  Just because we can fly, doesn’t mean we always have to fly.  Sometimes in life we should take the bus and go slowly and enjoy and embrace every discovery as it comes to us.  I traveled the most inefficient way possible and it took me exactly where I wanted to go.”   If you want to see his full presentation, here is the link. Love it, feeling so inspired right now. 🙂

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