Day 27

lionfish hunting

Lionfish hunting in Honduras

Day 27: Working on the road.  Is it feasible for you?  Do you have super mad skills that allow you to work remotely?

This could mean working some IT magic for businesses that need your help or freelancing some articles if you’re a journalist or even taking a break during your trip to teach for a semester or two.  Whatever skills you have, don’t be afraid to put them to use while you travel.  That little bit of extra cash you make could fuel another week in Thailand.

Also be on the lookout for opportunities that offer free room…in Belize, I helped a hostel owner paint a few walls and earned 2 extra nights for free.  Talk to the manager at the place you’re staying and ask if he/she knows of any odd jobs that need doing or if there is a temporary position that needs filling.

Beach Clean-Up

Beach Clean-Up

Volunteering is also a great way to score free room and sometimes board, as well as get you really involved with the local community and do some good.  WWOOFing is becoming very popular, especially in countries that are more expensive to travel in.

Teaching is a popular way to earn some extra money while on the road, particularly teaching english as a foreign language.  Check out the requirements for the country you’d like to do this in.  Some require a particular visa, others require a specific certification, still others require nothing but that your first language is english.

There may be other opportunities you can take advantage of…for instance, I’ll be going to Australia under a special working holiday visa.  Generally, there are restrictions on these sorts of things.  For mine, I have to be between 18-30, have no dependent children, have a certain level of education, be a US citizen, and can only stay a year.

No matter what your interest, look at what’s out there! I bet you’ll be able to find some (enjoyable) way to supplement your income while traveling. Cheers!

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2 thoughts on “Day 27

  1. Hopefully I will be able to travel on my own around SE-Asia just relaxing, seeing the sights, partying, and HOLIDAY-ING. However, if I do become short of cash I will make sure to ask the manager of the hostel for odd-jobs. That was a good tip!

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