Is there such a thing as too much planning?

Today, I continued reading my Lonely Planet “Southeast Asia on a shoestring” guide, which, like all of the other travel guide I own, I plan to read cover to cover.  Don’t misunderstand (oops, double negative) me, I won’t plan out every single minute of my trip. Nor do I take guidebooks as gospel. I just love reading them. Seriously. It gets me excited for my future travels and gives me an idea of where I want to go, what I want to see and do, how I want to travel, etc. I get almost as much pleasure out of planning and reading about the places I’m going as I do actually going there. Is that crazy?

Maybe so. In fact, definitely so. But that’s ok. If I didn’t love that stuff so much, I probably wouldn’t be going on this crazy trip.  And really, my obsession with trip planning has served me very well in the past. On my first solo trip (9 weeks in Central America), I planned and schemed for nearly 3 years.  This time, it’s been a scant year and a quarter (so far) and I’m planning on being gone about 18 times longer than that first trip.  So really, I’m getting better. Really…

P.S. on the same note, I’ve discovered a new planning tool called BudgetYourTrip…actually I poached it from another travel blog that I enjoy reading, Travel-Stained. 🙂

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