Why travel? THIS is why

Lately I’ve been feeling affirmation from the world about this huge decision to leave my current life and travel for an indefinite period of time, which frankly is a nice change because up until about a month ago, I was feeling a bit downtrodden.  My parents weren’t particularly supportive, friends thought I was out of my mind, and, while there were several people that told me my plan sounded “fun”,  I just couldn’t seem to find anyone that really “got” what I want to do.  Then, all of a sudden, I was surrounded by encouragment.  I found a few really great travel blogs bursting with inspiration, I reconnected with some friends that were beyond supportive of my plan, and I rediscovered a confidence in myself and my decisions that I had, er, misplaced for a while.

Antigua Volcano

Now, when people ask me why I’m doing this, I’m going to answer with conviction.  I want the world as my backyard, I want my home to be wherever I lay my backpack for the night or the week or the month, I want to live to work work to travel!  I hope that this post can do for someone else what other posts/conversations have been doing for me lately — inspire someone to grab their life by the balls and make their dreams come true!

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2 thoughts on “Why travel? THIS is why

  1. We get you.

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