Day 29

Leafcutter ants in the jungle

Leafcutter ants in the jungle

Day 29 of Bootsnall’s “Plan your RTW trip in 30 days” is the Final RTW Checklist!! This is a summary….

1 year + from estimated departure…decide the why, the where, the how much you’ll need, and how much money you can save/earn in the time you have.

6 months-1 year…lock down that departure date, figure out what you’re going to do with current bills, housing, your job and STUFF, start the immunization process, and make sure your passport is in order.

3-6 months…consider slowing down your itinerary, decide on whether you’ll go with a traditional RTW ticket/buy as you go/combination for flights and solidify your route.

2-3 months…start telling people (whoops, I started doing that a year ago haha), look into your accommodation options, research overland travel, and pick out your travel insurance.

1-2 months…suss out your packing list, choose your luggage, cut your packing list in half (ok, i added that, but trust me, it’s necessary), make sure your current housing is taken care of (i.e. your house is sold, your rental agreement is ending, whatever), get any visas in advance that you can, and make sure you have what you need for other visas you are getting on the road.

>1 month…automate your bills/banking, look into your working on the road options, figure out how you are going to stay connected on the road, book 1-3 nights in your first destination, make any last minute doctor visits.

2 weeks…quit/leave your job, get all the stuff you aren’t selling and aren’t taking with you into storage, have a going away party (after all, you’ve earned it after all that hard work), get any last  minute cravings out of the way by eating and drinking at your favorite places.

1-7 days…cancel any bills/services that you won’t be needing on the road, pack your bags, and get any last minute things that you need.

Day of departure…get a ride to the airport, grab a latte and a magazine, and get on the plane!!

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