Fried Green Tomatoes…

A friend of mine from Australia sent me a link via facebook today regarding fried green tomatoes.  He and his girlfriend are what one may consider foodies…when I worked with them in Honduras, they made a point of photographing every one of our delicious “family dinners” and experimenting with the local dishes when at all possible.  They have promised me the use of their guest room when I visit in a few months and I cannot wait to fix them dinner as thanks.  In light of this latest link, I believe I know what I’ll be serving…something foreign (to them) that will tickle their tastebuds….green tomatoes fried in buttermilk and cornmeal served with ranch dressing or a bun with pimiento cheese…maybe cornbread and collard greens to go with it….or pork barbeque and slaw. I know, I know, these meals are such cliches…but they are cliches for a reason. 🙂 One of the things I most look forward to is sharing my customs with others and learning the customs of others in return.

I love my southern roots and I can’t wait to serve them a piping hot dish of fried green tomatoes


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