ADD for Reals

I have been having such a hard time focusing lately…seriously, I sat down to write a post today and this is what I came up with…

Orange, why do I smell oranges? I don’t have any oranges…does my roommate have oranges? No, she doesn’t, so why am I smelling them? I wish I had orange juice. I have pomegranate juice. What is up with Pomeranians? Those dogs are obnoxious. What time is it? I wonder what time it is in Norway. Am I going to Norway? Probably not, too expensive.  Why do I have trouble remembering which direction time zones go in? It’s 7:30pm here so does that mean California is 3:30 or 11:30? Crap, I’m supposed to be writing. What should I write about? Ooo look! I have a new follower! Crap I haven’t written anything on twitter in a loooong time. I hate social media. Maybe I’ll just live in a cave. Bleh, no, I’d be bored. Ok, focus, write, Write, WRITE! Wow write looks like it’s spelled wrong. 

Ok, that’s enough of that. You see the crazy that goes on in my brain?? It’s a wonder I get anything done. I just want to be traveling already!!!

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