Ok, I have the blog…when do I become a writer?

When I was younger, I was a good writer. A little unpolished, sure, but strong. Clear. Lately, I’ve felt like I lost my voice.  I reread the articles on this blog and yawn. It’s like reading a grocery list. Where is the passionate voice of my youth?  Where is the descriptive, and yes, even elegant (sometimes) prose of my teenage years? Maybe more importantly, why can’t I seem to get it back?  If I’m going to have a successful travel blog, I need to be able to go beyond telling readers about the places I go, I need to take them with me on the journey.  I want people who read my blog to smell the thick, slightly sweet scent of ozone, rain, and decaying plant life when I hike through the Amazon.  To taste the tanginess of sauerkraut I buy from a tiny shop in Berlin.  To hear the blaring horns and hawking street vendors as I stroll down a busy street in Chang Mai. To feel the Australian sun beat down and the sweat rolling off the tip of my nose when I’m slaving away on a pearl farm near Broome. To experience the spiciness in not only the food of Brasil, but the air, the clothes, and even the way the people move.  

I need to lose the fear of not fitting in that we all tend to acquire as we grow up.  I want to shed it like a second skin.  I’m already doing something with my life that is hugely different from what society tells me I should be doing, so why is it so difficult for me to be true to my inner writing voice?  Maybe because I’ve tamped down the somewhat formal, certainly old-fashioned style of writing that felt so good to me for so long that I’ve forgotten how to write that way.  Maybe I shouldn’t be looking to go back to that style at all, but instead find the voice that is right for me now.

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