First Steps…

Today I sat down and worked on the first steps that have to be completed so I can go on my RTW trip. Oh sure, I’ve started this travel blog and done a ton of research on the places I want to go, but those are things I just WANTED to do, not things I HAD to do in order to leave.  

One of the main objectives I want to achieve with this travel blog is to keep a detailed record of everything I do related to my trip, including pre-trip necessities and budget.   I hope that my trip transparency will take some of the stress out of planning such a big trip for other wanna-be-nomads and motivate them to go on their own adventures.

So, with that being said, here are the crucial first steps I took today!

  • I made an appointment with a travel clinic so I can get the necessary immunizations (not sure how much this will run me…in the past, its ranged from $70-250 US)
  • I filled and printed out a passport renewal application bc my current passport only has a few open pages left (I requested the non-standard 52 page book instead of the standard 26 page book since I’m going to a LOT of countries in the next few years) (this will be $110 US)
  • I researched which of the countries I’ll be visiting in my first year of travel require a visa (only Australia…yay for being a US citizen! lol they let us in most places…)
  • I printed off an Australian Work and Holiday Visa Application and Application Document Checklist (this visa will be $395 US)

Tomorrow, I’m going to go to FedEx and get a sheet of passport photos (I think it’s something like 12 photos for $20ish US).  Also, hoping to get my passport renewal app sent in.  Woot! So excited!

P.S. I guess I should also mention that I started acquiring some new travel items…luckily they’ve been free so far. 🙂  My parents surprised me with a new daypack (mine is literally coming apart at the seams) on their last visit and an ex-roommate gave me a bunch of clothes that she no longer wanted (including some super lightweight jeans, a tank top, grey leggings and a jacket that will be perfect for traveling!) 

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