Back to the land of the living…

After 3 days of antibiotics, steroids, and codeine cough syrup, I am starting to feel like myself again. True, I still have no appetite and sometimes at night I still cough so hard I almost yak, but it’s getting better! I’ve found the trick to eating is just drink water pretty much the whole day and then have one massive meal in the late afternoon. Yesterday, it was the biggest (and most delicious) burger I have ever seen that my sweet brother brought me from Only Burger, a sweet potato, and a cup of chicken broth. Today, it was going to be another burger from Buns, Burgers, and Fries using the gift card my awesome sister-in-law gave me buttttt it’s raining and that place is like 35 minutes away on my moped :-(.  Why am I on a burger kick? I have no idea. Before this week, it had probably been well over a year since I had one. Sometimes, when you’re sick you crave random stuff. 

Anyway. Since I’ve felt so much better since I started the meds, I’ve been doing a lot of trip research.  I even added a Packing List Page to the blog (it’s still a work in progress though).  I also set up a Google Docs page for the Italy portion of my trip so Linds and I can collaborate more easily and make sure that we both are getting what we want out of Italy!  

More posts to come today on our Italy plans and tips to make the most of your budget while not sacrificing your experience.

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