REI is my crack

So sorry for being absent the past couple days…my mac has been at the hospital (aka the apple store) for a broken leg (aka a broken dvd player), but is now up to it’s old tricks again.  The same day I took my laptop to be repaired, I also visited REI since I knew their awesome annual sale was going on (and will be going on through the 27th).  My intention was to buy a backpack and scope out potential shoe options to be bought at a later date…naturally, I bought a backpack, a pair of shoes, and a travel towel.  I don’t regret any of it. All were items I would have purchased at some point before I left in August, so I might as well get 30% off now.  

Let me just say I am absolutely enamored with my new purchases because, like the title states, REI is my crack.  I think it’s a combination of the total awesomeness of the products and the friendliness of the employees that has me completely head over heels for this company.  I had one-on-one help in every department I visited, even two-on-one help in one (thanks shoe department!) and I couldn’t be happier with the products these knowledgeable people suggested.  The REI employees I interacted with went so far beyond the normal call of duty…they not only provided expert advice about their products, they also were psyched to hear about my trip! haha it’s not every day that I meet people as excited about a 3 year RTW as I am.

A quick overview of what I bought and why it’s essential…

  1. Travel towel = absorbs 8x its weight and dries in a flash, necessary for any place that has high humidity because it doesn’t mildew like normal towels, but also just useful when you are traveling quickly from place to place because you don’t have to pack a wet towel in with you clean (or semi-clean) clothes
  2. Keen Targhee II = a waterproof cross between a hiking boot and a cross-trainer, much lighter than my 15-year old hiking boots, more sturdy than my sneakers that are coming apart at the seams, it was inevitable that I would have to get something like this before I left…I’m thrilled that Keen’s make half-sizes up through women’s 11 (I’m a 10.5…yes I know I have gigantic feet)
  3. Women’s Flash 52 Ultralight Multiday Pack = the best fitting backpack I’ve ever owned, 52 liters is not huge but I’m actually glad it isn’t because I think this will help me not buy useless crap on the road.  The material feels very durable and the zippers are super smooth (very important on something you are going to be zipping/unzipping multiple times a day for 3+ years).  I packed everything I think I’m going to be taking into it and still had a little extra room.

In total, I spent about $240…and saved $100. Pretty damn good if you ask me…and even better? It’s $60 under what I thought I’d be spending on a backpack and pair of shoes.  That’s almost 2 nights accommodation in Paris :-D.  Even better than that? I am one step closer to leaving in August!!! 

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5 thoughts on “REI is my crack

  1. The other thing about REI that is AMAZING is their 100% satisfaction guarantee. When stuff breaks or you otherwise aren’t happy with it – which will happen when you start dragging stuff around the world – you can return or exchange it, pretty much no questions asked. It’s added a ton of value to my purchases!


  2. REI’s flagship store is in Seattle, and it’s like a palace of things that help make any adventure more pleasant. But it can be addictive. I had to stop in yesterday to get some more of this accessory cord I had bought to bear bag my food. I got it because it’s reflective, which is nice to help you find stuff around camp at night. Well, it turns out it glows in the dark, too! Naturally I had to have more, it’s going to replace the guy lines on my tent.

    Besides, I’ll get a dividend out of last night’s trip next spring, and use it to buy some cool gear.

    • Haha, no way! It glows in the dark?!!?! I’m a sucker for stuff like that (obviously). I’m glad my REI is extremely hard to get to via moped…I pretty much only get to go there if I can convince someone who wants to go shopping in that area that we should stop in. Otherwise, I’d be blowing so much money there!

      • I usually go by bike, so I don’t have to deal with parking (and traffic). They let me take my bike around the store with me. =)

      • I don’t know a) if I could bike that many miles without passing out (it’s probably 25-30 miles away using back roads) b) if I WOULD bike that many miles in Durham bc drivers be crazy down herrrr. I swear, I think some of them TRY to hit bicyclists/mopedists/pedestrians! Lol but makes sense that if any store would let you bike around their store, it’d be REI

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