So tired, must sleep…no, NO, Must WRITE!! This is

So tired, must sleep…no, NO, Must WRITE!!

This is exactly what my thought process was tonight as I crawled into bed after working a 9 hour catering shift…I guess I’m not completely recovered from my bronchitis and upper respiratory infection yet.  On the plus side, 9 hours means $135 towards traveling 🙂 plus we each got a $22 tip…woot! Normally, I’d stick that tip into my travel fund as well, but damn it, I haven’t gone out and done something fun in QUITE a while so I think that’s going towards next weekend instead.

Anyway, back to traveling, I found out some very important information this weekend as I tried to reorganize the France portion of my trip to cut down on costs without cutting down on fun.  What I learned is…are you ready for this?…companies are out to make a profit. Ok, ok, not exactly groundbreaking, so let’s just say that fact was reiterated by some information I gained.  I was perusing’s website, trying to get an idea of what the trains I want to take in France will cost me, when I stumbled upon a portion of his website explaining why you should never claim USA as your home country on Rail Europe.  His reasoning was that the company blatantly overcharges Americans for train tickets on the presumption that they won’t know any different.  I did a little test looking up tickets under the US version of Rail Europe and the french version and HOLY SHIT.  It was not just a difference of a few dollars…more like double or more for the same train. I guess I shouldn’t be so naive, but come on! That is just not right!  Here is the link to the article for those who want to avoid being fleeced by the train companies in France.

Ok, I’ve shared my wisdom, now I must sleeeeeep. I’ve got an 8 hour catering event tomorrow, and I really should shower beforehand, so yea, gnight!

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