A hairy decision…

Ok, I’ve bought the backpack, picked out the clothes, narrowed down (almost) the shoes. I’m really only left with one major style decision….short hair or long? Guys may be rolling their eyes right now (or maybe not given the common-ness of long hair on guys nowadays), but it really is an important decision.  I’ve worn it in a myriad of styles over the years from about 2 inches long in a pixie-ish cut to loooooong layers reaching past my hips.  I’m blessed (or cursed, depending on how I want to wear it) with incredibly thick, fast-growing hair that tends to be stick-straight on the top layers and downright wavy underneath.  Any hairstyle I choose has usually grown out within 2 weeks.  Just to be clear, when I say thick, I mean that I get debilitating headaches if my hair is shoulder-length or longer and I haven’t had it thinned out in a while.  I routinely break hair elastics with the weight of my hair.  When I say it grows quickly, I mean that I have the fastest growing hair of anyone I have ever met.  For example, at the beginning of April, I chopped off my hair to about the bottom of my ears. Now, not even 2 months later, it brushes the top of my shoulders and I can pull it back into a ponytail. It’s ridiculous. 

My dilemna is whether to let it keep growing or chop it off again right before I leave.  I guess it’s not that big of a deal, since it’ll be ponytail-length by the time I reach Australia if I choose to cut it again, but seeing how Western Europe is (at least in this shabby American’s eyes) a very posh region of the world, I’d like to make my hair look at least acceptable with minimum tools during my time there. 

So, as I do with every important decision in my life, I made a pro and con list.


  1. I can start the Europe leg with a posh new hairstyle
  2. I’ll use less shampoo and conditioner and save a little money
  3. I’ll feel like it’s a fresh start for my hair, as well as my life
  4. I can finger comb it instead of using a real brush 🙂


  1. I won’t know how to style it
  2. I won’t be able to wear it in my favorite style, the ponytail
  3. It will probably grow out in a somewhat awkward fashion
  4. It will be in my face due to my non-headband-fitting head and big forehead

I realize that this hypothetical haircut is a solid 3 months away, but this is what’s keeping me awake at night right now :-/


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