Travel Hack

Yesterday, I spent most of the night reading up on travel hacking via points/miles which you can acquire in the slow, respectable way (just when you buy something or take a flight) or through the slightly sneaky way of credit card churning.  Well, since I’ve been trying to keep my spending to a minimum, credit card churning it is.  

Here’s a quick overview of what I learned from,,,,, etc.

  1. First, credit is a valuable asset…don’t squander it!  This is an important rule, that all of the above travel hackers live by.  You never NEVER want to put your credit in serious jeopardy for a few measly points.
  2. Be creative…go beyond flying to earn miles, or staying at a hotel to earn points.  There are ways you can earn points/miles out there for free (just require a little time)
  3. Make sure you are earning miles/points that you will actually be able to use.  For instance, if you aren’t planning on going to Europe, getting points you could use on RyanAir (though I don’t think RyanAir even has a points system, so this is completely hypothetical) would be a waste of your time.  Acquiring a bunch of American Airlines points, however, would be useful even if you usually fly British Airways, because they are affiliates.
  4. This will take time to get the hang of so don’t get impatient.

Yes, those are very general and no, they don’t tell you how you can go earn a million points right off the bat, but hey, I’m new to this too!  My advice if this is something you want to pursue, read through the websites of the guys I listed above and find your own gurus (and then tell me the website address so i can learn too 🙂 )

Before I go, another (i think) great resource to get you in the travel hacking game is the Travel Hacking Cartel. Yes, it costs money, but you can do a 14 day trial for a dollar, something I definitely plan on taking advantage of once work calms down and I have the time.  

’til next time!

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