Visions of Credit Card Bonuses dancing in my head…

Whoa, my head is spinning from all the information I’ve been learning about travel hacking.  The past several nights I’ve been staying up to 3, 4, 5am reading without even realizing how late it’s getting.  I just find this stuff so riveting!  I’ve sent a plea for help to Rick, the frugaltravelguy, and he has graciously agreed to get me started.  After adding up current prices for most of the flights I anticipate flying in the next 3 years, I am even more anxious to get started earning points, miles, and so, free flights.  Here’s a breakdown of the flights I plan on using and the lowest fare I could find for each using skyscanner. ***Note: I am not including any domestic flights within Australia (although I’m sure I will fly a few) because I have no idea where to start with those.

  1. Raleigh-Durham, USA to London = $466
  2. Rome to Barcelona = $38
  3. Lisbon to Marrakech = $109
  4. Marrakech to Melbourne = $955
  5. Melbourne to Auckland = $125
  6. Auckland to Hawaii = $523
  7. Hawaii to Ho Chi Minh City = $680
  8. Bali to Chile = $1155

Total = $4051

Not as bad as I was expecting, to be honest, but still not good.  As we all know, flight prices fluctuate wildly, so a year from now when I’m looking for a flight from Auckland to Hawaii, prices may have tripled by then….or the airline might be running a promotion and I can snag it for half.  You just never know.  

I’m hoping with Rick’s help I can get that total number much closer to 0, 😀  As dad always says, “Hope for the Best, Prepare for the worst”, so you better believe I have enough saved up for flights twice that expensive.


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2 thoughts on “Visions of Credit Card Bonuses dancing in my head…

  1. I’ve been travel hacking (on a small scale compared to bloggers like frugaltravelguy) for a few years now, and it’s awesome! I haven’t paid for a flight fare (I did pay for minimal taxes/fees) in over 3 years now, including travel across the US, to the Caribbean twice, and our upcoming trip to Europe. My mom and I are visiting Europe on a direct flight from JFK in New York City, and our two flights COMBINED only totalled $206 out of pocket! If we purchased the exact same flight without points, we would have spent roughly $2000.

    Good luck, and my best advice to you would be to keep a VERY close eye on the details. I’m currently trying to fight for 50,000 points on American Airlines right now because the credit card company representative told me the wrong information about meeting my minimum spend requirements. Fingers crossed it works out, but if not, at least it was a learning experience!

  2. I tried to reply a few days ago and it never went through, sorry! Anyway, I was going to say it sounds like you are a bona fide travel hacking ninja and I would love to hear any tips you have for getting the most out of your miles/points! I will definitely keep an eye on the details of each card after hearing out experience…especially since I am getting the Citi AAdvantage card…Thanks for your comment!

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