Credit Card Travel Hack Update

2 things happened today…First, I received and activated my Delta Skymiles AmEx today (woot!). Second, I received an email from Chase that my British Airways card had been approved…to which I say WTF.  I applied for this card at least a week before I applied for any of the other cards and I didn’t hear one damn thing from them. I thought my application hadn’t gone through so I applied for the Chase Priority Club card and was instantly approved.  From all I’ve read on how strict Chase is with their cards, getting 2 personal cards within 2 weeks doesn’t seem possible, let alone probable. Nevertheless, it happened, and I’m riding that gravy train all the way to MilesVille, baby!  This does bring up the slightly sticky situation of me having to spend $3,500 in 3 months in order to take advantage of all the bonus miles without actually spending more than I would normally.  It probably wouldn’t be an issue if I was still planning on buying my plane tickets instead of using miles…which I can only get if I fulfill the spending requirements. Damn you, catch 22! 

I might still be able to get around this if I’m very very sneaky.

  • I’m going to make sure that I only spend enough on each card to fulfill my spending requirement, and not a dollar more.
  • When I go down to the beach with some friends, I’ll ask to pay for gas and have them pay me for their portion in cash (about $200).
  • If I take my niece and nephew to see my mom and dad this summer, I’ll ask mom and dad if I can use my credit card to buy our flights and have them reimburse me ($450-550/person, so $1350-1650) (bonus: i’ll also get extra miles if I use the right card).
  • I’ll buy my travel insurance for my first 6 months ($386)
  • I’ll pay for my Australian Work and Holiday visa with a credit card ($365)
  • Anytime I go out to eat with friends (which isn’t very often since I’m on a budget), I’ll ask if anyone is paying in cash. If they are, I’ll take the cash and put their portion on my credit card. (a potential of up to $200 over the next 3 months)

With these little tricks, I have the potential to put $2500-2800 on credit cards without spending anywhere near that amount. Add in rent, utilities, and groceries, and I’ll definitely be able to “spend” $3500 in the next 3 months. Woot! Crisis averted. 

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