Mis-adventures in Traveling

I stole this from the internet, but it was kinda like this <– my pic was similar, except not quite so smoky. Why did that pic have to be corrupted??

Sometimes the mistakes make the best stories. This photo was taken when I and some backpackers I met at a hostel in Nicaragua decided to climb a nearby volcano. The hike up was uneventful (some might even say boring), but when we got to the top the supposedly inactive volcano started spewing noxious gases and the National Park rangers that monitored it started frantically passing out gas masks and ushering all of the tourists off the volcano. We managed to take a few photos in our super chic head gear before we got the hell out of dodge.

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2 thoughts on “Mis-adventures in Traveling

  1. Ilana

    That sounds awesome, Kat! And a bit scary. Can you fix the image link so I can see the picture? It’s not loading properly, and I definitely want to see it.

    • hmmmm, I’ve been troubleshooting, but I think there is an error in the picture file bc I haven’t been able to upload it to ANYTHING. So sorry!

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