How to tell your family you’re becoming a bum

One of the most difficult aspects I faced when deciding whether to chuck normality and follow my dreams or not was figuring out how I would tell my family. I faced the same challenge when telling them I was going to travel through Central America for a summer (they freaked out). This time around, their reaction was similar…though maybe more extreme…

I combated their fears the same way both times. I invited them to join me for a portion of my trip. My parents did in Costa Rica and we’ll be meeting up this time in Spain. Customizing our trip to something we will all enjoy gives me a chance to show them just how prepared I really am and eases their fears that I’m getting into a mess I can’t get out of.

***I did have a really cute pic of mom and dad on this, but it is not uploading to wordpress…in fact, none of my photos are uploading to wordpress 😦 It just keeps saying they are empty and there is an error. Hopefully my brother can fix it. Until then, I’ll be photo-free.

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