The hardest part is saying goodbye

This week I’ve been fighting a bit of melancholia over my upcoming departure…I haven’t even bought my plane ticket yet and I’m already desperately missing my niece and nephews 😦 .  While in the grips of my depression, I stumbled across a new (to me) RTW blogger and a post that really made me feel like she “gets it”.  If you are feeling a little panicked about leaving your loved ones behind, read this.  At the very least, it’ll remind you that you aren’t alone.


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2 thoughts on “The hardest part is saying goodbye

  1. Ashlee

    I will miss you! Even if I only see you once a year, you will seem so much further :/

    • 😦 i know! don’t make me sad! I will try to get up to good ole wv this summer, but probably will only go if i can find someone there who wants to adopt a very sweet and affectionate kitty cat, since i’ll have to rent a car. Haha you’re mom and dieter don’t need a furry friend, do they?

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