The difference between vacation and real life

This is me pouting. I just found out Lindsey can’t come to Italy with me. Boooo, I’m so disappointed! I was really looking forward to exploring a new (to us) country with her! At the same time, I absolutely get where she’s coming from. The airfare alone was looking reeaaally expensive (boston-rome rt = >$900) and i know she’s got other financial commitments (student loans, anyone? not to mention an apartment in boston).  So I do understand. I’m not happy about it lol, but I understand.

It all comes down to priorities and lifestyles.  For her, this trip would have been a much needed vacay from “real life”. For me, this trip is “real life”.  I want to make travel my norm.  I want exploring new cultures to be my everyday, not once every 10 years. That is not a life most people want. Oh they may say they do, but when they really look at what is important to them, a nomadic lifestyle doesn’t fit in. After all, look at what I’m giving up to live this life.  Security, first and foremost.  A steady paycheck. Friends and family that are just a short drive or a phone call away.  My cat.  Routine.  Comfort.  Watching my niece and nephews grow up.  Getting together with cousins, aunts, and uncle in the fall to watch football games.  The American Dream.  Etc.

It’s a lot to give up. 

Don’t feel sorry for me, I’m getting a lot as well. Complete independence. Freedom.  Something new every day.  Experiences most people can’t even dream about. Fresh perspectives. First-hand knowledge about the world.  A chance to live my dream. Travel experience that is sure to come in handy when I start my ecotourism company.  The opportunity to meet countless people from all different walks of life.

Whoops, got off on a tangent (again).  The point of this was to say, Linds, I absolutely understand that it’s not a priority and that is ok.  You’ve gotta do what is right for you.  If somewhere down the line you want to meet up, let me know. 🙂 You will always be welcome to join me! ❤

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