Own it, people!

The last 6 months or so I have been doing a TON of travel research.  Along with reading through countless blogs and websites of successful long-term travelers, I’ve also sifted through a plethora of comments from people who want to travel, but for some reason or another say they can’t

I’m here to call bullshit.  Yes people, you can. If you want it more than anything else, you can have it. All of your excuses about why you can’t are just that — excuses.  If you try hard enough, you can always find a reason not to do what you really want. It is an inconvenient time, you don’t have enough money, you are scared to go alone, blah blah blah.  Let me tell you, those excuses are not going to magically disappear one day making it the perfect time to do what you want.  The only way to make them disappear is to decide that those issues are not as important as your desire to travel (or whatever). 

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “well this is easy for you to say, you clearly are doing what you want, so things must have come together for you”.  NO, they did not.  For years, I postponed this trip.  I blamed it on school (I was getting a Master’s degree), lack of funds, a myriad of health problems, having a cat, etc.  Except for school, those issues didn’t just disappear (woohoo for graduating).  I still have a cat, I still don’t feel like I have enough money saved, and I still have health problems. 

What did change was my attitude and willingness to find a solution for these issues.  I found a VERY loving home for my cat (knowing he will be well taken care of has eased some of the pain and guilt of leaving him 😦 ), I cut out gluten and dairy from my diet which has GREATLY increased my health, and I got a work visa for Australia so I can make some money on the road. 

Anything can be overcome! So, if you aren’t traveling around the world, even though you say that’s what you truly truly want, I’m here to be a little in your face and say you clearly don’t want it as much as you think you do. I’m also here to say, That’s ok! Just be honest with yourself about what is actually important to you and stop trying to blame your life on a lack of x, y, or z.

Tough love from the green eyed gypsy

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