How NOT to be a travel blogger

It may be a tad premature to write a post on how to be a travel blogger seeing as how I’ve only been travel blogging for about 7 months. Nonetheless, I have learned a lot over those 7 months and want to share that knowledge with other newbie bloggers in the hope that they can learn from my mistakes and create better blogs that I, in turn, can learn from.  SO.  I have put together a little list of how not to be a travel blogger. Just so you know, I’ve been guilty of all of these at one point or another in the last few months.

1.  Make a schedule for how often you have to post a blog and keep to it whether you have anything to write about or not.  Because really, it’s not like (good) writing is an art form or anything.

2.  Make copious amounts of spelling and grammar errors.  Just because it’s kewl and who has time to google the spelling of a word??? You have to open a whole other tab for that shit!

3.  Don’t take the time to organize ANYTHING on your blog/website.  That’s how the madness starts…first it’s “I’ll just put all this budget stuff under one tab” and before you know it, you’re organizing every blog by topic and laughing maniacally in the background! Mwahahahaha!

4.  Make broad political/religious/lifestyle judgements out of the blue.  Obviously, you only want people that think exactly like you to read your blog.

5.  Have a monotone blogging “voice”.  Your blog should sound like it was written by a robot for other robots.  How else will readers know you’re serious?

6.  Do not interact with commenters.  What do they know? After all, they’re reading your blog.

Have any other tips on how not to be a travel blogger? I’d love to hear them! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “How NOT to be a travel blogger

  1. I remember when I first started I tried to be too organized for the low amount of content I had. I had like 12 category drop down menus, but some only had 2 or 3 posts. It made my site seem really empty. haha

    Doing better now I hope. : ) Travel blogging is definitely a learning experience!

    • It sure is! As I was writing that post I was like “damn, I need to redesign my whole site and rewrite nearly every article” haha ohhhh wellllll

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