1, 2 punch

Today I had my comprehensive travel vaccination appointment.  I knew the vaccines were going to be expensive, but holy shit.  Wasn’t planning on this expensive.  The first 4 (out of 8) and a tb test came to a grand total of $506. YIKES!  

That’s the first punch….

The second was how sick they made me.  I could barely drive back, I was feeling so crappy.  I almost threw up in Whole Foods when I stopped for some groceries to get me through the week.  By the time I got back to my house, I was shaking so hard that I kept spilling my water all over me.  Putting on my softest pjs was agony — they felt like tiny needles scraping my skin and putting my arms up was nearly impossible.  My body was telling me that it was freezing, but when I put my hand on my head, arm, leg, core, my senses told me I was burning up. I laid in my bed under a sheet, a comforter, a fleece blanket and a throw blanket with the heat turned up to 77 degrees F and still felt like I was making a snow angel in my bikini.  

It’s been about 8 hours now since I got the shots and I’m finally starting to feel back to normal.  I’ve never had that kind of reaction to vaccinations before so maybe I was already coming down with something or maybe it was just the combination of vaccines that sent my body into overdrive.  One thing’s for sure.  I’m very glad that I didn’t try to get more of them today.  

Lesson learned: When getting your travel vacs, make sure you give yourself time to recover from them…and maybe have someone drive you to and from the appt. so you don’t wreck if you have a bad reaction..

Wednesday I get 2 more as well as getting my TB test read. I’ll keep yall updated.  When I’m feeling better, I’ll write a post on which vacs I got and why as well as a cost breakdown so you can have a better idea of what to expect than I did..

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