The other day, I went to pick up my check from the catering company I work for.  As usual, I spent a few minutes shootin the shit with the office girls.  I asked how the training was going (we have a new office girl), they asked me how the trip planning was going, etc.  One asked “now, how long are you going to be gone?”  I answered “About 3 years”.  “Oh, really?? How does that happen? How does a trip like that happen?” Awkward pause…”You make it happen.”  

The owner, who just happened to be there, stopped what he was doing, looked back, and quite forcefully asked “What??”  I nervously looked him in the eye and reiterated “You make it happen. It doesn’t just happen to you, you make it happen.” He stared me down for a moment, before offering his hand, shaking mine, and saying “Good for you. Congratulations. You are going to have a great time. Best of luck to you.”  

It’s moments like those, when someone recognizes the work you’ve put into making your dreams come true, the sacrifices you’ve made and how difficult it has been without you even having to put anything into words, that validates everything you’ve been trying to do.  

Not that I need validation…but it’s nice to get it every once in a while when you’re feeling like the people you care about just aren’t getting you.  That brief encounter has relit the fire under my ass and I am now ready to tackle the rest of the preparations for my trip. 


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