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London (finally)

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First video blog, let me know if this works!

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Venice, my love

Im afraid all my posts are going to be on a time lag as i havent been able to secure a steady internet connection anywhere in europe. Here is something i wrote about venice several days ago….Venice seems as a dream. You cross over by train on a very industrial bridge from the very industrial mainland. Hop off the train, walk down the platform, exit the station, and suddenly you are in another world. Each step brings you farther back in time. Grab a waterbus to Rialto and its the 1900’s. Meander through a square and it’s 1850. Explore one of the many quiet, hidden canals and its not too hard imagining Casanova sneaking out of a lover’s bedroom window as her husband comes home. It is at once timeless, modern, and ancient.

By far my fav place in Europe so far on this trip, though I do have very high hopes for the Amalfi coast, which I travel to tomorrow. Ill let you know if it stands up to my expectations! For now I’m in Florence. I had a great time walking around the city, stopping at little wine bars every couple hours. I love any place where the house wine is equivalent to a $30 bottle at home. 🙂

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Budget = blown

Well, this is why you should have a contingency plan folks. So far I have blown m,y budget out of the water. Some things were out of my control — a couchsurfing host cancelled last minute, a previously researched train ticket was not the advertised price. Some things were absolutely my fault — not booking my Nice hostel ahead of time, stupidly booking a flight to the wrong city, etc. the only place I went under budget so far has been London. I thought it’d be about $250 usd for my three days there (stayed with a friend so no hostel) and I ended up spending about $180 usd. Paris has been a budget breaking $100 usd a day (including travel to there from London) and Nice looks to be shaping up the same way. I’m going to have to figure out a way to get some of that back nix Italy :-/. Luckily for me, the Australian dollar is taking a nose dive so my US dollars will stretch a bit more :-). That’s it for now but I’m hoping to figure out how to post videos in the next couple days!

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Greetings from London

Hallo! I’m sorry I haven’t updated my blog, especially as I began my rtw on Thursday,but the last weeks leading up to my departure and the first few days in London have been a whirlwind! Once I get to Nice on Thursday I’ll have a bit more time and start posting some videos of my trip thus far. Until then I’ll keeping taking loads of photos and videos and writing down all the things I want to tell u when I have a reliable Internet connection. Heading to Paris tonight so I’m sure to have some interesting stories! Ciao for now!

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