The most disappointing things about Spain…

In order of worst to just meh.

1. Pumpkin spice frappacinos aren’t available at Starbucks.
2. Dominos here doesn’t have a gluten free option.
3. I got bedbugs in Granada.

Now, you might of read this and thought, surely the bedbugs are the worst, and probably if you’d asked me 5 days ago when I was ready to tear my skin off to stop the itching, I would have agreed. But today, when I’m a bit hungover and really craving some pizza that isn’t going to make me feel even worse than the hangover and my fav fall treat of a pumpkin spice frapp, I’d say those other two are way more important.

Of course, what this list really serves to do is show how awesome Spain is! Bedbugs are an occasional, unavoidable part of long term travel and I certainly don’t hold it against Granada that I got them in that lovely city. As for the frapp and pizza, I really don’t need the empty calories and mcdonalds burger with gluten free bun was nearly as good a hangover remedy.

Tomorrow I head to Portugal (woot!) and hopefully on the 4 hour bus I’ll have time to edit a few more video blogs for y’all! I’m super behind on that (by several weeks) but it’s hard to find a balance between living in the moment and keeping the blog up to date. Till next time, cheers!

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