Milestone just in time for New Years!

Woot! I’m so excited! I now have over 100 followers! To you blog vets out there with 10 or 20 times that number, I’m sure my little milestone doesn’t seem like much, but to me, it’s a much yearned for accomplishment. I’m going to be pushing that much harder this year to reach a new goal…500. Now you may be saying ‘whoa Kat, take it easy. It just took you over a year to get 100 followers. What makes you think you’ll be able to quadruple your numbers this year????’ One word: momentum. When I started this project just over a year ago, I had NO CLUE what I was doing. I had never tried to keep a blog or journal and I probably hadn’t written about things that were happening in my life since we were forced to in AP English class. Computer programming? Web design? Uh-uh, never. I just did what I could, learned as I went along, and read as many good blogs as I could get my hands on in an attempt to emulate their great qualities and learn from their occasional mistakes.

Now, I know I’m far from perfect, but I amlearning and if I can just keep this momentum going, stay positive, stay inspired, I know I can make this a truly worthwhile blog to read (and watch). There is one thing I need. YOUR HELP. I need your help to see what isn’t working and what I should do more of. Please, no matter how harsh, I need to hear it because I want this blog to be useful to other travelers or people who dream of traveling. I value your opinion! Thanks to everyone who helped make this a great year. I hope your years have also been blessed. If not, well then it’s time to turn it around 😀
Happy New Years!!

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