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Flamenco obsession part 1

Listening to live Flamenco music from the hostel balcony

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Update from Oz…Penguins!



Hey guys, I know I’m a bit backed up on the blog, partly because I got so much great content from Europe in the form of videos, pictures, and blog ideas. I’m still posting things from Spain, though I’ve at least made it to Sevilla, which was the last place I visited in Spain before moving on to 2 weeks in Portugal. Not to mention the past 3 months in Australia!!! So to tide y’all over until I get to the Aussie portion of my trip, I thought I’d post a little teaser from my day today.

I took one of the best tours I’ve ever taken today with a group called Go West. Not only were they super affordable ($130 AUD for 12 hour trip, that price is unbeatable in pricey Australia!), but the tour guide/driver was super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable about all 5 stops of the day! We went to a chocolate factory (yum! samples!), a winery (cheese and wine tasting included!), The Koala Conservation Center (they are marsupials, not bears!!!), the Nobbies (cool lookout where seals like to hang), and the Phillip Island Penguin Parade, which is pretty much what it sounds like — you sit on bleachers on the beach at sunset as little penguins fight the tides to come home after a long day (or days or weeks) of fishing. A more in depth video to follow, but here are the highlights in pics…


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Venezuela — A plea for help

Y’all know me. I’m Kat the green-eyed gypsy. I talk about travel and environmental sustainability and conservation. I don’t talk about politics or religion or sex or violence.

Except today. Today I am going to talk about Venezuela.  Many of you out there may be saying WTF, mate? What about Venezuela?

And that’s exactly the point. Through no fault of yours, many of you are completely ignorant of Venezuela’s current plight. Many Venezuelans are essentially living in a police state. Peaceful protestors are being thrown in jail and tortured. That is, when they aren’t being shot in the streets. People who have nothing to do with the protests are having their homes raided. Politicians in opposition to the current government are ‘disappearing’. And we hear nothing except a whisper in international news about there maybe being 3 deaths during the protests. The reality is so much worse. Venezuelans are systematically being denied the most basic of human rights: freedom. Because when you take away the people’s right to speak out against an unjust and immoral ruling class, in this case the government, you take away freedom.  When people live in fear that they will be shot if they go outside, They. Are. Prisoners. When the Internet is shut down and the country’s largest anti-government tv station, globovision, is suddenly bought by companies owned by people in said government, that is a sign that the government does not want the outside world knowing what they are doing to their own people.

So, this is me begging you to get the word out. Let’s get over there and find out what is really going on. CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, BBC why aren’t you covering the human rights violations in Venezuela?? Are you scared? imagine how the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans feel.

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Marie Forleo’s B-school…thoughts?

Hey y’all. I was reading a newsletter from one of my favorite travel websites, ytravel, and I came across an article the authors had written about Marie Forleo’s B (as in business) school. It’s basically an 8 week online course designed to help you turn your passion(s) into a successful business reality. Her program has been featured on the talk show of the queen of entrepreneurs herself, Oprah, as well as by huffington post, forbes and a bunch of of other reliable sources. I decided to check her website out and I was blown away. In her videos, she has a poise and self-assured ness that I only dream about having in my videos, yet she is still approachable and often hilarious. It feels like this opportunity is what I’ve been looking for. For months I’ve been saying to myself that I want to turn my passions (this blog, eco travel, budget travel, travel photography, travel mentoring, etc) into a successful business, but I just don’t feel like I have the business-y skills necessary for such a drastic leap. This seems like the answer to my prayers. “So what’s holding you back?” you say? The cost. It’s high. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s over priced, I just don’t know if I can realistically invest such a large sum into something that may or may not work. I’ll admit it–I’m afraid of getting my hopes up and then having them squashed. I applied for one of the few scholarships she offers, but I don’t think I’ll get it seeing as how I found out about the b-school a mere 5 hours before the deadline for scholarship application were due and so I made my video application in the dark at 2 or 3 in the morning. All I can hope is that my passion bleeds through and she decides to take a chance on me. If not, I’ll need to make the decision of whether or not to shell out $2000 for something that could be life changing. Which is why I need your help! Any veterans of the program out there, I would love to hear your story and whether you think it was worth it or not…

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Random is the new planned…

I stumbled across a festival when I was out sightseeing with some fellow backpackers and it turned out to be a delicious mistake!

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Free things to do in Granada, Spain

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The narrowest street in Cordoba…

Oh, the joys of silly tourist traps! What’s a vacation without the largest ball of twine in the Midwest, or in this case, Cordoba’s narrowest street (74cm)!

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