Venezuela — A plea for help

Y’all know me. I’m Kat the green-eyed gypsy. I talk about travel and environmental sustainability and conservation. I don’t talk about politics or religion or sex or violence.

Except today. Today I am going to talk about Venezuela.  Many of you out there may be saying WTF, mate? What about Venezuela?

And that’s exactly the point. Through no fault of yours, many of you are completely ignorant of Venezuela’s current plight. Many Venezuelans are essentially living in a police state. Peaceful protestors are being thrown in jail and tortured. That is, when they aren’t being shot in the streets. People who have nothing to do with the protests are having their homes raided. Politicians in opposition to the current government are ‘disappearing’. And we hear nothing except a whisper in international news about there maybe being 3 deaths during the protests. The reality is so much worse. Venezuelans are systematically being denied the most basic of human rights: freedom. Because when you take away the people’s right to speak out against an unjust and immoral ruling class, in this case the government, you take away freedom.  When people live in fear that they will be shot if they go outside, They. Are. Prisoners. When the Internet is shut down and the country’s largest anti-government tv station, globovision, is suddenly bought by companies owned by people in said government, that is a sign that the government does not want the outside world knowing what they are doing to their own people.

So, this is me begging you to get the word out. Let’s get over there and find out what is really going on. CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, BBC why aren’t you covering the human rights violations in Venezuela?? Are you scared? imagine how the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans feel.

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