Update from Oz…Penguins!



Hey guys, I know I’m a bit backed up on the blog, partly because I got so much great content from Europe in the form of videos, pictures, and blog ideas. I’m still posting things from Spain, though I’ve at least made it to Sevilla, which was the last place I visited in Spain before moving on to 2 weeks in Portugal. Not to mention the past 3 months in Australia!!! So to tide y’all over until I get to the Aussie portion of my trip, I thought I’d post a little teaser from my day today.

I took one of the best tours I’ve ever taken today with a group called Go West. Not only were they super affordable ($130 AUD for 12 hour trip, that price is unbeatable in pricey Australia!), but the tour guide/driver was super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable about all 5 stops of the day! We went to a chocolate factory (yum! samples!), a winery (cheese and wine tasting included!), The Koala Conservation Center (they are marsupials, not bears!!!), the Nobbies (cool lookout where seals like to hang), and the Phillip Island Penguin Parade, which is pretty much what it sounds like — you sit on bleachers on the beach at sunset as little penguins fight the tides to come home after a long day (or days or weeks) of fishing. A more in depth video to follow, but here are the highlights in pics…


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