I need a vacation…

I’ve been on the road 8 months today and it has been amazing. I’ve visited 6 countries, met up with 7 old friends, and made countless new ones. Now, however, I’m feeling a bit bogged down. I’ve had the flu this week but still managed to work 35 hours between my jobs as a promo girl for a travel agency and a waitress for a restaurant here in bondi. I’m stressed out because I haven’t been able to add to this website the way I wanted due to lack of free, reliable internet; I’m behind on Marie Forleo’s B-school and haven’t had a chance to participate in class discussions; and feeling a bit of pressure in other areas as well. So I need a vacation from traveling. Apparently this is normal for long term travelers and I’m glad I managed to make it this long without feeling the burn. To combat it, I’m moving out of the hostel and into a house share with free wifi. I’m also going to take a look at my schedule and see where I can pencil in a bit of me time a few times a week. Life is all about balance and travel is now a big part of my life, so I’m learning what I need to do to ground myself in what is a very transitory lifestyle. Tell next time, keep calm and travel on.

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One thought on “I need a vacation…

  1. Travelling is exhausting! I hope you find your balance soon 😀

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