Long time, no post

Hey y’all, how have you been??  I know it’s been a really long time since I’ve updated and I’m sorry about that, but I’ve gotta tell you, coming back on here feels like greeting an old friend you haven’t seen in years.  All I really want to do is catch up and found out how y’alls own travel plans have gone as well as share a bit of my own.

Since we last conversed, I have traveled up the East Coast of Australia.  Starting in Sydney and ending in Cairns (where I am currently living and working for an awesome travel company, Peterpans), I stopped at so many amazing places, did so many amazing things and met so many people along the way.  I think I’ve lost count of the number of World Heritage Sites I’ve had the opportunity to visit.  Items are being crossed off my Bucket List by the handful.  I am swiftly reaching Facebook’s limit of how many friends I’m allowed to have.

Yet, there is still so much to see/do/experience in Australia! I feel as if I have barely scratched the surface of what this country has to offer.  In addition, the more I talk with other travellers, the more excited I get about visiting other countries, including my own. (I know, I know, go back to the US??I’m shocked too)  Hearing about semi-familiar places from wanderers with a fresh prospective has been very eye-opening. 

That’s not the only thing pulling me home bound, though.  Over the past 11 1/2 months (!!!), I have, very rarely, become homesick.  I missed a niece and a nephew’s birthday last month.  My mom emailed me to tell me how weird it felt to have my brother’s kids fly up for a visit this summer with out me.  My Grammy, whom I’ve always been very close with, is in a bad way and they don’t know if she is going to last much longer.  

Needless to say, it’s hard. 

On the other side of things, I am enamoured with Australia, love my current job, and feel as if my soul and my surroundings are in sync for the first time in a very long time; maybe for the first time ever.

So what do I do? Go home and sacrifice my happiness for the happiness of the people who mean the most to me? Or stay and try to come to terms that my action may be selfish, but i also deserve to be happy?  In the past, the answer would be clear cut.  So clear cut, in fact, that I wouldn’t even consider the second option to be a legitimate choice.  Now I am realising that I must live my life for me first and foremost.  It’s (probably) the only one i will ever get and if I keep sacrificing my happiness for others, I will turn into a miserable human being and in the long run, that will not benefit anyone.

Whew, that was heavy, but i had to get it out.  Now, please, tell me what’s going on in your lives in the comments below and if you have time, check out what I crossed off on my Bucket List!

Keep calm and travel on (and be HAPPY)

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