Happy Bday, RTW trip!

I had a great idea for a blog update this morning as I was half asleep, trying to convince myself that the travel shop really needed to be opened on time.  I wasn’t hungover despite a raucous Peterpans Thursday night Party.  More like I was world weary and maybe suffering from a slight gluten hangover. (I guess that low gluten brownie from Pie Face wasn’t low enough).  As I tried to turn my mental frown upside down, I had a thought that inspired me to get out of bed, throw on some comfy shorts (a must when dealing with gluten belly), grab an apple, broccoli and hummus for bfast/lunch and hi tail it over to the store.   I’m 2 hours into my shift and have completely forgotten what was so motivating to me this morning that I shook the sleep from my eyes and practically bounced out of bed so I could write a post on it, but that’s not the point.

The point is that attitude is everything.

I managed to turn my whole day around by dismissing the “reasons” it was going to be a crap day and looking for a reason it was going to be a great day.  You may be thinking, “well you are clearly just a really positive person so it’s easy for you”. You would be wrong.  I haven’t always been a master of the 180, just ask my friends and family. *Cringe* on second thought, just take my word for it.  I use to be a black belt in beating myself (and on occasion, others) down.  I could always find a reason for why my day was going to be shit and why I didn’t measure up.  It’s not that I had someone constantly telling me I wasn’t good enough, it’s that I grew up feeling a bit out of place like so many people do.  That dissatisfaction grew over the years and turned inward until I neither knew nor liked myself, but was so covered in years of internal put downs and self-loathing that I couldn’t find a starting point for change.

This is where that first trip to Central America came in.  Being in Costa Rica for 3 weeks with 10 classmates and 2 of my favourite professors stirred something in me.  Something that said “Yes.  This feels right.  I feel right.” Unfortunately, there were so many layers of crud over that tiny point of light that it took another 5 years for that light to really start gaining momentum.  However, with every trip, a bit more negativity shed off my soul and a bit more positivity shone through until this epic adventure I started exactly one year ago today sledghammered the bulk of the hardened blackness from my daily POV.

You may ask “Kat, what is it about travel that has set your soul so free?”  I honestly don’t know.  It may be the amazing, caring, open minded people I’ve met.  Or perhaps it’s the breathtakingly stunning areas of the world I’ve visited.  Maybe it’s all the endorphins being released into my brain from the plethora of adrenaline-fueled activities I’ve engaged in on my trip.  Whatever the reason, my mind has been opened and my limits have been stretched and I am the better for it.

Happy Birthday, RTW trip.  May you have a long, productive life. I look forward to celebrating many more years with you.

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