Overview of THE TRIP

My plan thus far…

  • August 28, 2013, fly to London
  • September/October/and part of November, hostel and couchsurf my way through: England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal
  • November 2013, start my working holiday visa in Australia. Work and travel for a year. Spend some time doing jobs I will probably never have again such as work at an orchard, work on a farm/ranch, work at a bush bar. Visit friends in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Darwin, Alice Springs and Perth.
  • Mid-October to mid-December 2014, head back to the states for two months of traveling for a wedding, high school reunion, and reuniting with friends and fam.
  • December 2014, holidays with my army Colonel sister who is stationed in Hawaii
  • January 2014, hopefully get a New Zealand work and holiday visa and spend a year working and traveling.
  • January 2015, spend 8-12 months in Southeast Asia, hopefully working occasionally.
  • After Asia, travel from southern South America to northern Central America.  I’m expecting this to take me about 8 months.
  • After that??? Who knows…not me…

2 thoughts on “Overview of THE TRIP

  1. If you make it to Ireland I’ll hook you up with the best people on the planet!

    • Haha I might take you up on that professor! Seems like my niece is going to study abroad there next year, in which case I will of course have to visit!

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