I’m keeping a running tally of EVERYTHING I spend related to this ridiculous trip. Why, you may ask? Well, because when I was thinking about taking a RTW trip, I really wanted to see a breakdown of what a trip like this costs. I figure if I wanted it, another would-be traveler also wants it. 😀 Let me convince you to travel!

Not sure how I will ultimately divide this up, but for now, I’ll do a pre-trip section, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Southeast Asia, South America, Central America, and then break each leg up into what I spent for transportation, accommodation, food, activities, and miscellaneous. Let me know if you think it would be helpful to see it organized a different way, like by country or day or week. All costs will be in USD.


  • 10 passport/visa photos = $18
  • passport renewal = $110
  • Australian Work and Holiday visa = $344
  • Travel insurance = $291 for the first 6 months
  • Immunizations = $506 + $244 + $103
  • Flight from RDU to Lon = $676


  • food, transportation, activities for 3 days London = $180
  • Hostel, food, transportation, activities for 4 days Paris and 7 days Nice = $1,850
  • Hostel, food, transportation, activities for 14 days all over Italy = $1,150
  • Hostel, food, transportation, activities for a month in Spain = $1,060
  • Hostel, food, transportation, activities, medical expenses for 14 days in Portugal = $500


  • First 2 months in Melbourne = $2,850




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