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Those Aussies sure move fast!

After applying for my W&H Visa only last night, guess what I woke up to?? An email telling me the visa has ben granted!!! woot!!!! I’m so excited! Even though my time in Australia is still months away, I want to start contacting people about jobs now!! Trying to be a little patient, but man, this is really happening! What a great way to start the morning 😀

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My shiny new 52 page passport arrived today!!!  The picture is not too shabby (though I do have some unfortunate marks on my face due to the fancy embossing covering it) and i’s already broken in thanks to the nonstop rain we’re having. 😛  Gahhh, I can’t wait to put this sucker to work!

Next step, send my request for a Work and Holiday Visa to Australia.  I’m not wasting any time in case there are complications with this that need to be worked out before I leave for Europe/Morocco at the end of August. WOOT!!!!

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