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Proof that I’m Crazy

As if you guys hadn’t already figured it out.

I’m a nut. And a bit of an adrenaline junky. And when I say a bit, I mean huge. Like, jolly green giant huge. So I thought I’d post some proof.  Enjoy the photos. 🙂 I can guarantee I enjoyed having them taken.

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It’s about damn time I uploaded some pics — Melbourne in a Montage

Sorry the format is so weird guys. Here are a few highlights from my time in Melbourne.  White night, Philip Island tour, Grampians National Park camping with friends, fellow americans (and canadians).  Realized that some of the most important people of my time in Melbourne are not represented in my pictures! Mel, Dayton, Laura and Shenandoh, you have not been forgotten! Love you guys!
IMG_1959 IMG_1967 IMG_1981IMG_2053 IMG_1997IMG_2148IMG_2055 IMG_2174IMG_2096IMG_2127

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I’m a Bond(i) Babe

Hey y’all, so I’ve been in Australia’s famous Bondi Beach for going on three weeks now. I was only meant to be here for a week, but missed my flight to brisbane (look for a post on that soon) and decided it was the universe telling me to stay. I think that must be the first time I’ve ever been ecstatic to miss a flight! So now it’s been three weeks on this lovely beachy paradise and I have no plans to leave. In fact, I just paid for another week’s accommodation today. I have a job working with the largest backpacker travel agency in Oz (don’t get too excited mom and dad, I’m working for travel vouchers instead of actual money) and pick up random jobs on the side. For instance, Saturday I am bartending for someone’s bday party and next week I’ll get paid to be part of an Easter show. Not exactly what I had in mind when I came to Oz, but it’s different and I’m loving all the new experiences I’ve been having! Also, I have to pay for reliable internet most of the time, unless I want to camp out in McDonald’s (yes, that’s where I am right now…don’t judge me…) so that’s why there have been fewer posts than normal lately. Don’t worry though, I’m working on a solution to that so you should start to see about 2 per week like before. Til next time, keep calm and travel on!

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Melbourne, fare thee well fair city

Ahhhh Melbourne, wonderful city I shall miss you. From the very first moment, you have captivated me. I’ve been wondering what to write about this enigmatic wonderland since I got here. Usually it’s quite easy to get the measure of a new city very quickly, but with Melbourne, I’ve been here over 3 months and am still discovering new suburbs and Melbourne-isms. So what should I talk about?

Perhaps Fitzroy, the first suburb I really explored which charmed me with its quirky bars and restaurants (Naked for Satan, anyone?) and its equally quirky people? One of the things I wasn’t jazzed about in Durham, North Carolina was the abundance of “hipsters”. To me, that word took on a connotation of fake, ĂĽber cool wanna be’s who went out of their way to be ‘ironic’ in order to gain attention and be seen as different just for the sake of being different instead of just being them. It was annoying to say the least. In Fitzroy, you have similar fashion sense, music taste, and microbrewery obsession without the ego. Something about it is…I don’t know… More honest somehow. These hipsters are the way they are because that is the real them. And I love it. I love seeing people be the real them and I love the freedom it afforded me to be who I wanted to be.

Maybe I should talk about Richmond, the up and coming suburb I lived in for most of my time here? Perfectly situated to be an easy tram ride (or two) from Fitzroy, the city center, and St Kilda, Richmond is what Fitzroy was 20 years ago. Also known as little Vietnam, this suburb has some of the best Asian food the city has to offer, as well as some of the cheapest. I will miss Fina’s Cafe, a vegetarian, Vietnamese place where I quickly became a regular for their gluten free rice paper rolls and yummy iced mochas.

Or maybe I should discuss St. Kilda, aka my playground? Who can resist the weekly Thursday night market, full of delish food stalls, handmade clothing and jewelry, street performers and tarot card readers? This summer tradition is one of the few places where outdoor drinking is permitted (byoa). Combine that with a convenient beach, amusement park, and tons of bars and you have the reason St. Kilda is extremely popular with the 18+ crowd.

My point is that Melbourne has a lot to offer. No matter what vibe you’re feeling (and mine changes daily), you’ll be able to find it in Melbie. And so I bid you adieu Melbourne. Thanks for the great times, I’ll definitely be back.

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Update from Oz…Penguins!



Hey guys, I know I’m a bit backed up on the blog, partly because I got so much great content from Europe in the form of videos, pictures, and blog ideas. I’m still posting things from Spain, though I’ve at least made it to Sevilla, which was the last place I visited in Spain before moving on to 2 weeks in Portugal. Not to mention the past 3 months in Australia!!! So to tide y’all over until I get to the Aussie portion of my trip, I thought I’d post a little teaser from my day today.

I took one of the best tours I’ve ever taken today with a group called Go West. Not only were they super affordable ($130 AUD for 12 hour trip, that price is unbeatable in pricey Australia!), but the tour guide/driver was super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable about all 5 stops of the day! We went to a chocolate factory (yum! samples!), a winery (cheese and wine tasting included!), The Koala Conservation Center (they are marsupials, not bears!!!), the Nobbies (cool lookout where seals like to hang), and the Phillip Island Penguin Parade, which is pretty much what it sounds like — you sit on bleachers on the beach at sunset as little penguins fight the tides to come home after a long day (or days or weeks) of fishing. A more in depth video to follow, but here are the highlights in pics…


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Whew, made it!

Ok y’all I survived the 20-some hours of traveling and am now in beautiful Melbourne! Well I’m guessing it’s beautiful…it’s just after midnight here so can’t see anything yet, but I’m sure it is! The trip wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating. In fact, the 10 hours I spent on a new airbus 380 were positively delightful, what with Thai airways delish food and free drinks. Now I’m safely ensconced in my pals’ spare room and just about ready to pass out. Thanks again Mel and Dayton for letting me crash!

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My favorite order is out of order…

Today I bought plane tickets for my stint in Spain in October with the ‘rents. So what?, you may ask. You need those plane tickets. To which I answer, why yes I do, but I should first probably buy the ticket that is going to get me to Europe. Minor detail.  My proposed departure date is a mere 2 months and 3 days away and I still haven’t bought my flight over there.  I really need to get my ass in gear, but this damn concussion isn’t helping anything.  

I’m a week behind on my spanish lessons, I haven’t bought my flight to London, I need to finalize details of the France portion of my trip, I need to rework the Italy portion, I need to take a second look at the financial projection (which may lead to nixing Morocco and overhauling Spain and Portugal), I still haven’t opened a Schwab savings account (hello no ATM fees!), I need to figure out how to best utilize the airline miles I’ve been accruing, I’d like to compile a list of possible work leads for Australia, get a YHA membership, buy travel insurance and a dozen other details.

So yea, that’s what I need to do. It would be helpful if I would do things in a logical order, but I know that’s not going to happen. I’ll at least try to get things done by the time they have to get done…for the moment that means getting back on track with my spanish lessons, buying a flight to london, sending in the info for my schwab account and figuring out the first 3 weeks of my trip. Ok, yea, that’s manageable. Those will be my goals for the week.  Paying my rent should really be on that list too…and going the bank to deposit some checks so the rent check doesn’t bounce. Ok, now that’s my list…until I think of more things.

Now, I’ve got to go lie down and try not to think for a while.  If you’ve ever had a bad concussion, you’ll sympathize. 

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