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10 things you’ll do as a backpacker that you wouldn’t normally do

1. Wear dirty undies, possibly inside out

2. Steal toilet paper from a public bathroom…especially if you’re heading to a region with substandard toilets

3.  Pee in the water…any water bc hey, you’re a backpacker, it’s fine

4. Have sex in a hostel dorm, or hear others who are having sex in your hostel dorm

5.  Lie about some aspect of yourself. Your job, your bank account, your availability, whatev. Sometimes a simple lie is more effective than a complicated truth

6. Eat at McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks, etc because you’re craving something from home

7.  Use ductape in place of stitches…the kind of stitches that hold together your backpack or the kind that holds together your flesh

8.  Eat something that you would prefer not to know the origins of

9.  Talk to someone for literally hours without thinking to ask their name

10. Hitch hike, crash on a stranger’s couch (hello, couchsurfing), and trust people that you don’t know to not steal your stuff ( every time you leave your stuff not locked up in a hostel)

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When life gives you oysters…work on a pearl farm

I’ve really gotten into the idea of working on a pearl farm while I’m in Australia. I don’t know why this idea has lodged itself in my brain, but it has and it doesn’t seem to be budging.  I know it would be really hard work, but I’m kinda craving that…a job that is hard as hell, but at the same time, very straightforward and when you leave work, your workday is done. Lol There is no bringing oysters home with you to open later.  The days are long (10-12 hours), but the pay is good.  Another perk, room and board is usually taken care of.   Can any Aussies or backpackers who have actually worked on a pearl farm in Australia point me in the right direction?  

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