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Just say no to the snowglobe

I don’t know about you, but when I’m traveling, particularly if it’s a new place, sometimes I just get so excited that I’m there that I start buying random tchotchkes to “remember my trip” with.  Usually I get home and say why the hell did I buy this and that useless, cheesy knick-knack gets thrown into a box with other random, useless knick-knacks to be hidden away until enough time has passed that I don’t feel guilty giving or throwing it away. I would have saved so much money if I hadn’t let travel euphoria cloud my judgement!

If there is one thing that TV show Hoarders should have taught us, it’s that there is nothing sexy about holding on to random junk. If you are really afraid you are going to forget something amazing that happened on your trip without that crappy plastic keychain, try making a scrapbook.  I guarantee that in five years, those pictures of your trip are going to bring back a whole lot more memories than that “keepsake” you just had to have.

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